Pimento Hill

A fast-growing food business was in need of a more developed and refined brand identity to match its more mature status. The team at Pimento Hill have created a select range of sauces, seasonings and jellies, tapping into recipes that had been in the founder’s family for generations.

The company’s Jamaican heritage was an important part of its existing brand identity and of course the inspiration for many of their products. ‘Pimento Hill’ is where the founder grew up and Pimento berries are also a key ingredient in jerk seasoning.


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The result was a unified, unique brand identity which reflects the heritage and hand-made nature of their products.

*This project was carried out when, Imogen, the founder, was employed by Butcher & Gunderon agency. 

To infuse Pimento Hill's rich authenticity and deep-rooted heritage into our brand identity, we drew inspiration from Jamaican postage stamps. This object evokes flavours from a distant land. Our label designs were meticulously crafted to work across a diverse array of jars and bottles. Accents of colour were used to define the different flavours and be easy to distinguish on a shelf. A hand-drawn illustration of a pimento plant was incorporated as a subtle background illustration across the labels, linking back to the company name.

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