Honest and clear communication, creating brands with purpose.

Imogen Ley-Clowes is the founder of Immo Studio. A London-based studio intent on building brands that perform and engage.

Setting up a new company and unsure where
to start? Our expertise covers a wide spectrum from company naming, domain acquisition,
right through to launching a new website.

Overwhelmed at the thought of brand strategy? We create a clear comprehensive plan that will be the foundation of all brand decisions.

Does your brand feel disjointed and in need of a refresh? We will unify and elevate your identity so you're able to meet your business goals.

Imogen has a background working in-house for the likes of Sky Creative and agency side. She has worked in-depth with businesses over a number of years leading global rebrands as well as turning around agile rebrands in a matter of weeks. All strategic and design decisions are borne out of the latest brand insights.

Immo Studio has a talented network of web developers, motion designers and copywriters, each bringing their unique skills and flair to every project.

Ready to make a change? We provide strategy-led design that ignites your brand’s identity, coaching your business to raise its game.

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“With a very deep insight into branding and a strong strategic approach, Imogen is a person who will bring a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to any client project."

leon Tyler
Creative Director, Macademia


Consumers, in greater numbers, are buying from and engaging with purpose-driven brands.
Unsure what you stand for?
Unsure what this looks like?
Unsure if your website is effective?  
That's where we come in.
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