Border Lines

The oldest garden tour company in Britain, Border Lines wanted to reposition itself as a high-end travel option and reach a new generation of garden enthusiasts. The tours run throughout the year across the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa, expertly led by seasoned garden designer James Bolton.

We ran a series of workshops with the client and carried out in-depth sector research. This helped us discover how the website needed to be created to most effectively serve the customers and be easy-to-use for the client.

After redesigning the site map and content mapping, we opted for Webflow CMS as this would give us the right amount of content control to easily and efficiently design all the pages for the numerous tours, which require regular updating.

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“I found the team at Immo Studio ideal website designers. They had great insights and were infinitely patient with their client.

The whole process was astonishingly easier than I had imagined. The end result is a beautifully designed, elegant and simple to use website.”

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Owner, Border Lines (Garden Tour Company)
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The brand comes to life on the website through a frictionless user experience, clear CTAs, accessible design and SEO optimisation, as well as engaging microinteractions throughout the site to nudge the user along their journey.

Upon the launch of the new website, there were record tour bookings and enquiries. We continue to work closely with Border Lines, with seasonal updates.

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