Born to bridge the crucial skills gap between traditional learning and the demands of today's dynamic workplaces, Udamon cultivates skilled, agile and resilient young professionals through co-authored learning experiences.

The company needed a brand identity that truly reflected it—mirroring its mission and what sets them apart.

We ran a series of workshops with the founder to reassess the brand strategy, identify the competitive gap and understand who its customers are. Armed with these insights we were able to advise on how best to present the company’s services and clearly communicate its value.

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Charlotte Golzari
Monika Thapa
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The concept for the brand identity was inspired by a sense of adventure and the founder’s unique approach, reflecting the non-linear, complex career paths of today’s youth. This comes to life in the graphic language which represents the ever-shifting journey.

In-depth competitive research enabled us to steer clear of any predictable colours or design styles associated with the educational sector.

The idea for the logo came from the continuous journey young professionals are on with their careers. The backwards ‘N’ is a nod to Udamon’s non-traditional approach to learning.

The new brand identity was then carried across the website, which both explains Udamon’s unique approach and encourages visitors to book a call to find out more about working together.

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