Green Steel

The metal recovery and recycling centre, Green Steel, wanted to generate more leads through its website. The directors enlisted our expertise to create a fully responsive, user-friendly site from scratch.

The primary aim of the Green Steel website is to encourage potential customers to get in touch, as well as to highlight the site's convenient location and to provide up-to-date information on the wide range of recovery and recycling services they currently offer.

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Website Design
Imogen Ley-Clowes
Gavin Groves
Freddy Mossop
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Green Steel now has a website that presents them as an innovative, convenient solution. We continue to work closely with the team.

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We ran a series of workshops with the team and carried out thorough sector research. This enabled us to create a website for customers to easily find key information, such as location and contact info, while providing more in-depth details about each service in case customers would like to delve deeper before getting in touch.

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director Green Steel

“The team had a very detailed process and worked with great efficiency.”

We had a very old website that needed a complete overhaul and revamp.

The end product is fantastic, and we are thrilled with our new website. We look forward to continuing to work with Immo Studio in the future.

Director, Green Steel (Industry)

The new look and feel comes to life on the website through a frictionless user experience, clear CTAs, accessible design and SEO optimization, as well as engaging microinteractions throughout the site to nudge the user along their journey.

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